That Sensational Feeling by Jenny Young

Jenny Young,

The Author of

That Sensational Feeling,

Discovering Womens Special Gift.

My name is Jenny Young. I was born, grew up and was educated in Mainland China. During my adult life I have been fortunate to travel extensively and to further my studies outside of China.

I’m just a normal woman who believes that we all should have lives that are fulfilling in all respects. We should all walk through the day with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.
My background is primarily in education and research.
I have spent many years researching the subject matter of this book and DVD through literature as well as practical experimentation at a personal level and through many meetings, interviews and discussions with thousands of people. The focus of this research has been on females and couples.
I have always been an athletic person and physically fit. My exposure to sexuality was at a reasonably young age.
My earliest recollection of sexual feelings was when I was relatively young. While doing gymnastic exercises on parallel bars swinging my legs I felt a sensation growing in my abdomen. I started to explore this with increasing results.
As a young girl growing up in China I knew little about sex or my sexuality and was not able to discuss it with others. This was not culturally appropriate. In fact I felt shame in relation to my feelings and the pleasure I was creating for myself.
However I continued to explore my feelings and develop my skills. At this time I did not recognise the conflict taking place between my natural human needs, feelings and emotions and my cultural and peer expectations.
As I grew older and became more interested in men I began to understand the link between my sexuality and what I had been exploring on a physical level.
My personal values and beliefs have developed from a combination of traditional Chinese culture and extensive exposure to other cultures, especially European. During my life I have had many experiences, like all of us, some good and some not so good. All of these experiences have helped create the person I am today.
We are all complex people but I guess at its simplest form my personal values are based upon Daoist philosophies, “living in accordance with nature” combined with a more liberal European perspective. Living in the moment and enjoying life to its fullest.
I began to research this subject out of personal curiosity, however it did not take me long to realise the degree of misinformation and the high percentage of women not leading fulfilled lives or existing in unsatisfying relationships. This interest has now become a passion for me as I see there is a great need to bring this knowledge and subject into a more public forum.
I passionately believe that sexual fulfillment is the natural right of all humans and is in fact critical to living happier more fulfilled lives. Sexual fulfillment both as an individual and within a relationship is crucial to improved mental, physical and emotional health and to the development of stronger more intimate relationships.

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